As districts continue to evolve their approach to learning based on the realities of the global pandemic, technology becomes an even more critical piece of a successful remote learning environment.  Safeware wants to help your students maintain access to distance-learning technology. 

The Challenge
Your school’s existing or new technology may not be insured for an off-campus environment. If you lend devices to your students without the right protection solution, then that can leave your school liable for the technology-related costs incurred in the student’s home environment. These unforeseen costs often arise when budgets are already stretched thin.

The Solution
Safeware’s technology protection plans transfer the risks incurred by lending institution-owned devices away from your school. The plan can be be in your school's name and can protect your entire deployment for anywhere from four months to four years. In short, it helps you give your students access to the technology they need to learn! With both school and parent-funded options, your can provide a solution for any budget circumstance.

In addition, technology and related services to enable learning from anywhere are eligible for CARES Act funding to assist with budgetary shortfalls or challenges.